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Phat Campus' mission is to make higher education more affordable for college students and their families. was created to assist students with the purchase of their textbooks at the lowest possible prices. Phat Campus is an experienced company that has been in the marketplace for over a decade. Their highly respected staff have been in the textbook industry for many years.

With the prices of textbooks soaring, Phat Campus experienced staff are committed to saving you money on your textbooks while avoiding the long lines at the school bookstore. They offer an excellent selection of textbooks in a wide variety of subjects from the most popular introductory courses to the more specialized science, medical and technical fields of study.

Phat Campus makes it simple and safe to find and buy the textbooks you need. They have a state-of-the-art distribution system that allows them to process your order and ship out your textbooks in a timely manner. They save their customers time and money. Their objective is to make your online shopping experience enjoyable and reliable.

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